Treatment for adults

More and more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment. The reasons vary from missing out as a child, to needing orthodontics as an adjunct to other dental work such as implants or jaw surgery. 

We strongly recommend visiting a dentist for a comprehensive examination and any necessary treatment prior to considering orthodontics, because it is not possible to place appliances in the presence of dental decay or gum disease. 

If you just want to find out what would be required in treating a problem, we are happy to discuss orthodontics with you, but it would still be necessary to have your dental treatment before any appliances could be fitted. A full range of appliance types are offered that may make orthodontic treatment more attractive. 

Treatment for young adults

Many young adults miss out on treatment as a teenager for a number of reasons. It is still possible to have treatment and we can offer services that include aesthetic options that are less noticeable than conventional appliances. These options include clear aligners (Invisalign), invisible braces that attach to the inside of teeth (lingual braces) and ceramic braces that blend with your tooth colour. 

Andrew and Julia are both accredited orthodontists for the use of aligners and lingual braces.


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