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How to maintain good oral hygiene

Having a healthy mouth is now accepted as part of your overall wellbeing. 

The build up of plaque and calculus on your teeth combined with a high sugar/acid diet will ultimately lead to dental decay and gum disease. 

The presence of braces on your teeth means that there are more surfaces to clean and so more care is needed to maintain a good level of oral hygiene. If this is not followed, plaque build up around your braces can cause ugly scars on the front surfaces of your teeth and these will not disappear when the braces are removed. In severe cases this scarring can progress to dental decay requiring treatment by your dentist. 

The good news is that there are techniques we can show you to prevent any problems from occurring. Good brushing combined with a sensible diet during your treatment will ensure that your smile is as beautiful as possible at the end of your treatment. 

We will constantly remind you of the need for good oral care; however, ultimately it is your own responsibility to look after your mouth and braces to achieve the best results. Remember that things that are bad for teeth in general, are very bad when wearing braces! 

In some cases, the start of your treatment will be delayed because of poor oral care. The reason for this is that placing braces in an unhealthy mouth can cause so many problems that the risks of treatment outweigh the benefits. In these cases we will often spend some time on education and subsequent monitoring of improvement. In most individuals they understand the benefit of this approach and they progress eventually to great outcomes. 

Should problems arise during your treatment, and oral care declines, we will bring this to your attention. Again further instruction can be given and usually the situation is resolved. In a few cases the situation deteriorates to the point where wires are removed and active treatment ceases. Eventually oral care is improved, but treatment time has been unnecessarily lengthened.

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