Enjoy fewer appointments and better communication with remote monitoring

Introducing Dental Monitoring

  • Spend just a few minutes weekly on Dental Monitoring, avoiding unnecessary trips to our practice.
  • Track your orthodontic treatment progress wherever you are, providing flexibility and control.

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Dental Monitoring
Less visits
Track smile

Why Choose Us for Your Continued Aligner Treatment?


Fewer in-practice appointments

Dental Monitoring reduces our patients’ appointments by 42% on average. We’ll only book an appointment if it's necessary for you to come in.


Fewer in-practice appointments

With the app at your fingertips, our expertise is always just one click away. You’ll receive the very best level of care with our treatment updates and advice through the app.


Accurate results

The Dental Monitoring software is AI driven, so your progress is monitored at a pixel level (far more accurate than the human eye).


Faster treatment times

Treatments are now shaped by a patient's own biology and compliance rather than a standard time frame. In fact, since we introduced DM into our practice in 2017, we've been able to reduce our treatment times by 6 months!


Ultimate flexibility

You can complete your treatment from your home, the office, the classroom, or even the beach! As long as you have wifi, you can contact us from anywhere.

Dental Monitoring

What happens in your first consultation

  1. You will meet one of our Treatment Coordinators who is trained to assess and discuss your treatment options. We'll listen to you as you explain what you'd like to achieve from treatment.
  2. We will take a look at your mouth, teeth and smile to assess your orthodontic needs.
  3. We will explain all your treatment options and get some photos of your teeth. We may also take x-rays at no cost if you are joining us in the clinic.
  4. Your Specialist Orthodontist will create a bespoke treatment plan just for you.

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