Orthodontic treatment emergencies

Emergency OrthodonticsSometimes things can go wrong with your braces and you will need to see us between scheduled visits. 

Always contact the office if you experience unusual pain or trauma. In some situations you may be able to alleviate symptoms yourself until we can schedule your visit - this will be discussed over the phone. It is really useful for you to become familiar with the parts of your braces so that you can communicate problems to us more easily. Remember, broken braces do not work efficiently. 

Know your braces

Brackets: These are the small pieces of metal or ceramic that are attached to the front surface of your tooth. These are glued on but can occasionally become loose, for example, if you eat something hard or chewy. You can gently move these back into position but this is only an interim solution. You will need to come and see us for the brackets to be reattached. 

Archwire: This is the wire that runs through each of the brackets and is responsible for moving your teeth into position. Sometimes this may break, although this is very rare. If it does, contact us immediately to arrange an emergency appointment. While you are waiting to see us, you can place some wax (which we will give you when you are fitted with your braces) over the wire ends to ensure it doesn’t scratch your lips or cheeks. 

Elastics: These are the rubber bands hooked between your braces towards the back of your mouth that you will need to attach yourself. Sometimes these may snap or come off and you may swallow them. Don’t worry – they’re not harmful. You will be given a plentiful supply of rubber bands so always have some handy for such occasions.

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