Specialist orthodontic treatments

Evolution Orthodontics works closely with many other specialists to ensure your treatment is streamlined and jointly planned. We can help prepare your smile for dental procedures and surgeries with orthodontic treatment. Some examples include:

Orthodontics for implant planning

If you are considering implants to replace one or more of your missing teeth, we can use orthodontics to prepare the spaces adequately. We will ensure that there is the proper amount of space between your teeth to allow your implant to fit seamlessly in place.

Specialist orthodontic treatments

Orthodontics and jaw surgery

Braces alone cannot always fix a smile. Some people have functional issues because of the relative sizes of their jaws. In these cases, we will use braces in conjunction with jaw surgery to correctly align the bite.

Specialist orthodontic treatments

Orthodontics and impacted teeth

In a small percentage of people, teeth can develop in the wrong place and never erupt into the mouth. This is called an “impacted tooth,” and these teeth can remain in place for many years. Through orthodontics, we can help direct the impacted teeth into their proper positions.

Specialist orthodontic treatments

Interceptive orthodontics

Sometimes when a child’s smile is developing, problems can arise. Through early interceptive orthodontics, we can catch these problems before they turn into major issues.

Andrew or Julia can plan the best time to begin treatment on your child’s smile, often while they still have a mix of baby and adult teeth. Beginning treatment early on will reduce the length and severity of treatment later in your child’s life.

Specialist orthodontic treatments

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Specialist orthodontic treatments

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