When it comes to braces vs Invisalign, costs may be the deciding factor. While each can straighten your smile effectively, there are some cost differences.

Before you decide, make sure your treatment method fits your budget and needs. In many cases, it’s a matter of cost versus convenience.

Braces Cost Less

Overall, braces cost less because less technology and hardware are involved. With Invisalign, you receive multiple aligners throughout your treatment process. Plus, it’s a more advanced treatment option.

Braces aren’t nearly as complex, even though they may look like it. Since they’re the oldest option available, the costs are lower.

Invisalign Requires Discipline

This might not seem to fit in a braces vs Invisalign costs discussion, but discipline can affect the final costs. For simple straightening, Invisalign doesn’t cost much more than braces. However, you have to leave your aligners in for most of the day. Taking them out while you sleep or forgetting to put them back in after eating could ruin the progress already made.

This extends your treatment plan. Plus, if you have to get replacement aligners for any you’ve lost, this increases the costs even more. As long as you’re disciplined, a slightly higher cost gives you a nearly invisible straightening option that’s much easier to maintain.

Plus, for more severe problems, you may still need braces to finish your treatment plan. This further increases your costs.

Cost Versus Convenience

When it comes to braces vs Invisalign costs, you may only think about the monetary side of things. However, what about time savings? How much is it worth to you to spend less time brushing and flossing each day? With Invisalign, you take your aligner out and brush and floss like normal. With braces, it’s a much more complex process and takes more time.

Plus, with braces, you have to go without certain foods to avoid damaging your braces or getting anything stuck. With Invisalign, you can eat whatever you want. Just take your aligner out and clean your teeth before putting it back in.

Overall, the cost for Invisalign isn’t too much higher than braces, especially when you consider the lifestyle changes that come with braces. Schedule a consultation at our office today to further discuss your potential costs for both options.