Braces care

If you are receiving orthodontic treatment with braces, it is more important than ever to look after your teeth. It can be confusing to know where to begin since your daily routine looks a little different with braces. That’s why we’re here to help!

How to look after your braces

Here are our top tips for brace care:

  • Brush your teeth after every meal
  • Use a mouthwash each time you clean your teeth to help clear plaque build up
  • Floss once a day
  • Do not eat hard, sticky or chewy food as this can damage your braces
  • Avoid sugary drinks and acidic food that could lead to cavities
  • Make sure you have regular check-ups with your general dentist
  • Attend each appointment with your Specialist Orthodontist

Braces care

How to look after your elastics

Elastics are small rubber bands that connect the archwire of your braces to the brackets. They can also be placed in specific areas of your mouth to help move your teeth into the proper positions. However, in order for them to be effective, you need to know how to insert them and look after them.

During your fitting appointment, we will show you how to place your elastics, and let you practice in front of us to make sure you don’t have any issues. You will also have a diagram that explains how to use your elastics in the braces care package we give you.

Elastics should only be removed for tooth brushing or if you need to wear a mouthguard for sports. If you don’t wear them all the time as instructed, it can slow down your treatment progress.

Braces care

How to maintain good oral hygiene

To make sure your smile looks beautiful at the end of your braces treatment, you need to keep your teeth healthy. When wearing braces, there are more surfaces to clean and more places for plaque to hide. The buildup of plaque on your teeth can cause scars or cavities.

To keep your teeth healthy, you should brush your teeth thoroughly and avoid sugary and acidic foods and beverages. We will constantly remind you of the need for good oral care; however, ultimately it is your own responsibility to look after your mouth and braces to achieve the best results.

Braces care

Still have questions about your treatment?

Check out our FAQ page, or contact our team so we can clear things up over the phone or in person.

Braces care

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