Imagine not having to hide behind closed-mouth smiles anymore! Teeth straightening treatments are now more discreet than ever before. Today’s ceramic braces blend in with the colour of teeth and are designed to resist discolouration or staining throughout treatment. Also, thanks to the small, low profile design, the ceramic braces are almost unnoticeable, making them an excellent orthodontic option for both teens and adults. But, what if you only want ceramic braces on the top teeth?

Can You Get Ceramic Braces on Your Top and Bottom Teeth?

The answer to this question really depends on each patient’s particular bite. The top row of teeth must be certain not to interfere with the brackets on the bottom teeth. If this is the case, you can are likely to be able to have ceramic braces on both the top and bottom rows of teeth.

 The ceramic material has a high stretchable strength. This is much more flexible than metal varieties. If your upper teeth make contact with the lower ceramic braces, the potential for wear on the teeth is considerably high.

Can You Just Get Braces on One Row of Teeth?

Many patients ask if they can get ceramic braces on just one row of teeth. The answer is, it really depends. If the upper row of teeth are correctly aligned and there is no issue with your bite, then one row of braces may be all you need.

However, if you have a misaligned bite, it’s not so easy. Your orthodontist cannot simply ignore this and just focus on one row of teeth. Both your top and bottom rows must receive the right attention to pull the bite into alignment, and this is true even if one row of teeth looks straight.  It’s also important to consider how each tooth fits together, since moving just a few teeth is going to have an effect on the other teeth in your mouth.

If you are not sure if you need braces on your top and bottom teeth, it is best to talk to your orthodontist.

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