Many patients, both younger and older, feel a mix of emotions when it comes time for their treatment with braces. On one hand, they’re excited about the prospect of a new beautifully straight smile, but on the other, they are looking at approximately two years with the appliance. Thankfully, modern orthodontics understands these concerns, so there are solutions to make straightening your smile a more enjoyable process.  Such as, the ability to change the colour of braces.

Making the Switch from Silver to Clear Braces

Many patients can now choose between silver metal brackets and wires or clear, tooth-coloured ceramic ones. These new ‘clear’ braces are popular with self-conscious teens and working professionals alike, as they provide a more discreet smile straightening solution.  But, they may not be for everyone. If you’re interested in clear braces, be sure to speak with your orthodontist for their professional opinion about which course of treatment is right for you. 

Bands Can Change the Colour of Braces

If you do need metal braces, you will still be able to have fun while straightening your teeth. While they won’t be clear, you can choose from a variety of different colours for your rubber bands to give your brackets a pop of colour. This is really popular with a lot of patients, because it allows you to customise your braces with your favourite colour, or celebrate around holidays. For example, you can choose red and green for Christmas, or orange for Halloween. 

How do Coloured Bands Work?

Your coloured bands will work the same way as any rubber band for braces. They will be attached to your brackets to keep the wire in place more securely to ensure your smile is always moving into the right direction. Throughout your treatment you will regularly visit with your orthodontist for adjustments. At these adjustments they will tighten your wires as needed, and give you the opportunity to change the colour of your braces, or more specifically, the rubber bands.

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