Braces do not only change the appearance of your smile, but braces change the appearance of your entire face – in a good way!

Effective, but Subtle

Many people who wear braces notice that the appearance of their face changes after orthodontic treatment. This is especially so for patients whose smile or face was somewhat asymmetrical. One the teeth are aligned, symmetry is often restored. The more pronounced the initial asymmetry was, the more dramatic the improvement is likely to be.

Types Of Corrections

There are a number of corrections that can alter the shape of your face, including:

  • An open bite – an open bite is when the lips and mouth look unnaturally stretched. In severe cases, the mouth may not be able to close at rest and the lips might not cover the mouth completely. This results in a flare out of the upper lip. Once the problem is addressed, the facial area between the chin and nose appears softer and more natural.
  • An underbite – you have an underbite if your chin protrudes to create a moon-like shape. Once your teeth are straightened, your face will look less concave. What’s more, facial features become softer and the lips and teeth fit together better.
  • An over bite – if you have an overbite, you have a protruding upper lip. Sometimes the lips may not cover the teeth as a result. After treatment, the facial features tend to appear softer.

If you require a jaw expansion, your orthodontist will discuss how the procedure can help when you have a top or bottom arch that has too little space. This condition results in the face becoming narrower and can make cheeks look sunken. It is often children that are candidates for jaw expanders, but some adults may require them, too. The result is that the face takes on a more symmetrical appearance, especially in the mid-area of the face.

Braces Change Your Appearance, In a Good Way!

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