Damon braces vs traditional braces is a common choice when it comes to getting braces, but what are the major differences? To look at them, you won’t notice much.

The differences come in the treatment itself. Depending on your needs, damon braces may actually work better and be more comfortable.

Damon Braces vs Traditional Braces

Manual Or Self-Ligating

The fundamental difference when it comes to damon braces vs traditional braces is how they move teeth. Traditional braces use ligatures to connect the archwire and brackets. This is how the system stays together and gradually pulls your teeth into alignment.

Damon braces are self-ligating. While this means you don’t get to choose a bunch of colourful ligatures, there’s also less hardware in your mouth for food to get stuck in. Instead of ligatures, memory wire is used to connect your slide brackets. This also leads to less pressure.

Dealing With Overcrowding

Another main difference in the damon braces vs traditional braces discussion is how each deals with overcrowding. Traditional braces often require teeth to be removed to make more room. Since this method creates more pressure in your mouth, extractions and sometimes palatal extenders are required.

Damon braces take a gentler approach. In many cases, no extractions or extenders are necessary. The process applies gentler pressure, allowing teeth to move gradually and more naturally into position.

Amount Of Discomfort

Any type of braces will be uncomfortable at first. With both damon and traditional braces, rubbing is an issue, but dental wax helps with that. However, damon braces use less pressure, which means less pain and discomfort throughout the process. In one study, patients reported 60% less discomfort. Traditional braces exert far more pressure, leading to more discomfort.

Speed Of Treatment

One area where damon braces shine even more when it comes to damon braces vs traditional braces is the speed of treatment. In the same study about damon braces, patients got their damon braces off 7.2 months sooner than those wearing traditional braces.

Overall, damon braces can work more effectively, especially for overcrowding, though they can be more expensive. To learn more about damon braces and other orthodontic treatment options, contact our office today.