Many orthodontists recommend Invisalign Clear Aligners for patients that want a smile transformation without feeling trapped by metal wires and brackets. Many patients ask, “How Long Does It Take to Straighten Teeth with Invisalign?” and our staff will advise that with custom-fitted, removable plastic trays made from BPA-free materials, you can now get the same smile results you desire without the hassle. Furthermore, the treatment will pass much more quickly than the more traditional smile-straightening solutions. This means you can correct overcrowded teeth, uneven spacing, gaps between the teeth and bite misalignments without undergoing an excessively lengthy treatment.

How Long Does It Take to Straighten Teeth with Invisalign?

Invisalign can completely transform your smile and straighten your teeth in as little as six months. Generally, the average treatment duration takes between six and eighteen months. Furthermore, patients can start to see changes in as little as 6 weeks. This allows patients with important events – such as weddings -to get the straight, beautiful smile they want.  Just in time for photos and social gatherings. Keep in mind, however, that more complex cases may require more time. So you should always discuss your treatment plan with your orthodontist. This will help to establish realistic expectations for your unique smile and its timeline.

Follow your Orthodontist’s Instruction

You should also follow any instruction as outlined by your orthodontist. Particularly in regards to how often you should be wearing your aligner trays. This applies both throughout the duration of your treatment, and post. Most patients need to wear the Invisalign aligners for a minimum of 22 hours a day, including time spent sleeping. The two hours a day during which the trays can be removed should be used for dental care, such as brushing and flossing, or eating.

To ensure comfort, the Invisalign trays are custom designed and changed every two weeks. The pressure from the new trays then work to readjust the movement of your smile. This will ensure there is a continual improvement to your smile. These bi-weekly appointments are quick and efficient, with no need for wire adjustments that leave you feeling sore for days. Invisalign trays are instead made using advanced digital technology. The clear aligners will keep you going about your daily life with little to no interruption.

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The Invisalign Aligners are changed every fortnight to maintain progress