One common problem associated with braces is that most patients are worried that they’ll feel self-conscious or embarrassed if they have braces installed. This is because the brackets and wires of traditional metal braces are quiet noticeable. Therefore, it’s no surprise that when it comes to teenagers and young adults wearing them, they’ll often be aware of how the metal braces make them look and feel. This is where ceramic braces can help.

Braces – including ceramic braces – are great for moving and straightening crooked and misaligned teeth. In fact, modern braces have been around for at least a hundred years. Archaeologists have even found ancient Egyptian mummies with wires wrapped around some teeth! This suggests that humans have been trying to fix dental problems for many centuries.

Ceramic Braces: A Different Kind of Look

The good news is that there’s an effective alternative to metal braces. Ceramic braces are just like regular metal braces except for the fact that the brackets are made from an enamel matched ceramic. In some cases, the brackets are also made from high grade plastic. So, what makes them different to the old metal braces that people are so used to seeing?

One of the biggest problems patients have with metal braces is that they are quite noticeable. This can lead to feelings of self-consciousness and even the avoidance of social situations. This is especially so for teens; the ideal age at which to start orthodontic treatment. Ceramic braces blend in with the teeth effectively as they are made from lighter coloured ceramics or plastics. In some cases, the wires can be made from clear plastic or tooth coloured wire. This means it’s easier to feel good when wearing them because they don’t draw the same kind of attention as metal braces. That’s excellent news for teenagers and young adults everywhere!

There’s No Need to Be Self-Conscious

Braces have had a tarnished reputation due to the way that the silver metal braces make people feel about their appearance. Ceramic braces act the same way as metal braces, but are a lot less noticeable. For anyone who is worried about how metal braces will affect their self-confidence, ceramic braces are well worth considering.

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