Before you schedule a visit with your specialist orthodontist, you might want to know a little bit more about them, including what makes them different from a general dentist.

While you may know why you’re going to see them, it might be confusing as to what makes them special and why you need to visit someone other than your regular dentist.

Specialist Orthodontist Training

The biggest factor setting your specialist orthodontist apart from a dentist is specialised training. It’s important to note that all orthodontists are actually dentists. However, their training didn’t end there. Instead, they must train for another three years to become a specialist in orthodontics.

Think of it like going to see your family doctor. While they can do some things, like vaccinations and diagnosing general conditions, you have to see a specialist for other treatments, such as a cardiologist for a heart condition.

A Specific Focus

A specialist orthodontist has a very specific focus. They specialise in teeth straightening, jaw alignment and bite issues. During their training, they work under a senior specialist to perfect their technique and provide better care to patients.

While a general dentist may understand braces, a specialist orthodontist studies the latest technologies and treatment strategies. This allows them to provide a better experience and results.

Preferred Treatments

Before you schedule an appointment with a specialist orthodontist, you should do a little research to ensure your orthodontist is actually listed as a specialist and has the educational background required. There should be clear documentation of this on the orthodontist’s website and in the office.

Another thing to check is their preferred treatments. The best specialists offer the latest technology for more effective treatments. If they only offer traditional braces, they’re not staying up to date and won’t offer the better alternatives for teeth straightening and jaw alignment.

Our orthodontists at Evolution Orthodontics are specialists in their field. They stay abreast of the latest technology to offer you the best possible care. Want to learn more about our specialist orthodontist and their preferred treatment options? Contact our office today.