Wearing Invisalign braces is a great alternative to traditional braces, especially when you get to take them out to eat. However, it’s important to learn what to use to clean Invisalign aligners so you don’t put bacteria back in your mouth.

Cleaning and caring for your aligners isn’t difficult. Just don’t forget and you’ll not only have a straighter smile, but healthier teeth too.

Clean At Least Twice Daily

Much like brushing your teeth, you should give your Invisalign braces some extra love twice daily. Ideally, you should also clean or at least rinse out your aligners every time you take them out, such as when you eat. If possible, also brush or rinse your teeth before putting your aligners back in.

What To Use To Clean Invisalign

Now that the how often is covered, it’s time to talk about what to use to clean Invisalign braces. First, skip toothpaste if possible. While it works well for your teeth, and you should continue using toothpaste for your teeth, it can leave a residue on your aligners. This can cause discolouration. It can also scratch them, resulting in bacteria growth.

Next, give your aligners their own toothbrush. Opt for a soft-bristled brush to avoid scratching the aligners, which can then cause discolouration.

Choosing A Cleanser

Rinsing with water is great between cleanings, but they’ll need more than this. When considering what to use to clean Invisalign, one of the best options is the official Invisalign cleaner. Use the soft-bristled toothbrush to clean them inside and out.

You should also do a deep clean at least once a week. This involves soaking your aligners for around half an hour. In addition to using the Invisalign cleaner, you can also use denture cleaners. Just don’t soak them overnight or for multiple hours. You need to wear your aligners for 20 hours or more every day. If you don’t, you could get off track in your treatment plan.

Keeping Them Safe

While you’ll only wear each aligner around two weeks, you can keep them cleaner and safer by always putting them in a protective case when you take them out. Also, unless you’re just drinking water, take them out when eating and drinking. This reduces the chance of discolouration, damage and bacteria growth.

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