With all the alternatives to conventional metal braces, you might think there’s no reason to even consider them. However, they may still be the best option for your unique oral needs.

It’s important to look at all your options, including the more traditional braces. Depending on your alignment issues, metal braces may be the most appropriate way to straighten your teeth. Let’s take a look at other reasons…

If You Have An Active Lifestyle

Conventional metal braces are the sturdiest option for aligning your teeth. Aligners come out. Ceramic braces aren’t quite as strong. Retainers are generally more fragile as well.

If you play sports or tend to be a more active person, the conventional route might be your best option. They’re more likely to last without any damage. If you damage your braces, this can lengthen your treatment time, so you’ll definitely want to consider an option that better fits your active lifestyle.

Works For All Cases

Alternatives to conventional metal braces all have one shared difference – they’re not for all cases. Metal braces work for all cases, even if it may mean more manual adjustments. If you have severe alignment issues, conventional metal braces might be the only way to get the smile you want.

They also work for all ages, even if you may not love the look of them. However, you will love your new smile when the braces finally come off.

Offer a Stronger Pull

Alignment issues with certain teeth require a stronger option, such as conventional metal braces. For instance, molars are more difficult to move than other teeth. Your orthodontist may need to use metal braces to put more pressure on the molars or other teeth to move them. You can’t get this level of pressure with other options.

You Can’t Lose Them

For children and anyone who might be prone to losing things, conventional metal braces are recommended. Since you can’t remove these like you would with aligners, you’re not going to lose them. Skipping a day of treatment time while waiting for a new aligner could throw off your entire treatment plan.

Metal braces are made to stay on, meaning you’re not going to lose them. This also makes them less stressful and cost-effective.

Conventional Metal Braces

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