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Invisible braces (lingual braces)

Andrew and Julia are both providers of Invisible braces (lingual braces). This means they have been trained in the application of lingual braces. 

What are lingual braces ?

Invisible braces or lingual braces are an orthodontic technique where braces are placed on the inner surface of the teeth.

Lingual braces are suitable for nearly all patients and offer a truly invisible way to straighten teeth.

Lingual braces not only are effective in moving your teeth into their desired position but it means nobody will even know you are wearing them! 

Invisible braces (lingual braces)Invisible braces (lingual braces)Invisible braces (lingual braces)

Reasons to choose Invisible braces (lingual braces)

  • Braces are virtually invisible as they are fitted to the inside of your teeth
  • Braces are custom made to fit your mouth which means you get treatment that meets your specific individual needs.

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