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Specialist orthodontic treatments

Specialist Orthodontic PracticeEvolution Orthodontics works closely with many other specialists to ensure your treatment is streamlined and jointly planned. Examples of common scenarios include: 



Orthodontics for implant planning

If you are missing one or more teeth and are considering replacement with implants, it is possible that you will require some orthodontics to prepare the spaces adequately. This is often the case if your teeth have been lost a long time ago or if you never developed a tooth in the first place. In such cases the space needed for a full size tooth is often reduced and needs to be re-opened to get the best results. 

Orthodontics and jaw surgery

Some people have a problem with the relative sizes of their jaws, and this can cause functional and social issues. Sometimes the situation can be camouflaged with braces only, but if the difference is too large, then the only solution is a combination of braces and jaw surgery to correct the alignment. 

Orthodontics and impacted teeth

In a small percentage of people teeth can develop in the wrong place and never erupt into the mouth. Sometimes the “baby” tooth may remain in place for many years. This causes the biggest problems when it occurs with one of the six front teeth and may require braces to direct it into position. 

Interceptive orthodontics

In some children problems can arise as the teeth are developing and if allowed to continue can cause trauma or more complex problems long-term. Often your dentist notes such issues and they will suggest early orthodontics to correct them. As these treatments are done in the mixed dentition, ie. when baby teeth are still present, they tend to be shorter and do not always mean that a full course of treatment will be avoided later.

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