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Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating bracesSelf-ligating braces use low friction to help move teeth. At Evolution Orthodontics we use Innovation R, Clarity SL and Smartclip self-ligating braces. 

What are self-ligating braces?

Self-ligating braces look similar to conventional braces, with brackets and wires, but they work quite differently. The brackets used in self-ligating braces operate using a low-friction slide mechanism, which allows the archwire to move as your teeth do. This means your braces don’t have to be adjusted quite as often as conventional braces do, and you also don’t need to use elastic bands. 

These braces are visible, but the brackets are small so they’re not too intrusive on your facial profile, and because your teeth are able to move into position at their own pace, this can speed up treatment compared to other brace systems. 

Reasons to choose self-ligating braces

  • Slide mechanism allows your teeth to move freely
  • Less adjustments are needed which means fewer visits to the orthodontist
  • No elastic bands are needed which make them easier to clean

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